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Yarward Electronic Co.,Ltd. was registered and established in 1998. It is committed wholeheartedly to China's medical and nursing intelligent interactive industry, forging ahead steadfastly. Starting from scratch, the company adheres to its original intentions, and has shaped itself into a high- and new-technology enterprise with Double Soft Certification. Its registered capital is 78.15 million dollar, and it possesses 108 national patents including 14 invention patents, and nearly 90 software copyrights.



Area of Expertise

The company continues to focus on the innovation of audio and video communications and intelligent interactive solutions in hospitals and elderly care institutions, and provides integrated software and hardware solutions for nursing communications, smart wards, smart care, smart outpatient clinics, and smart elderly care.


Market Scale

Resorting to deep and generous industry experience, strong and secure capabilities to meet the market as well as its abundant production capacity, the company continues to provide application equipment in the field of medical communication, and provide professional R&D and construction, production supporting, sales consulting, and maintenance services of overall solutions for 3.8 million medical bed terminals and nearly 1,000 hospitals all over China.


Win-win Cooperation

Yarward Electronics has located its operation service organizations in major cities across China, providing immediate support to customers, and has long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known technical solutions, material suppliers, and integrated service providers from upstream and downstream of the industry chain. We share valuable medical and nursing management experience with over 7500 hospitals and nursing institutions.


Team Structure

The company has a well-experienced and vitality-appreciating team. It is equipped with technical engineering laboratories and R&D centers in Beijing, Qingdao and Shenzhen, and also sets up in the Zibo headquarter its provincial-level professional software engineering technology center, construction scheduling center, customer management center, quality control monitoring laboratory and production base. In 2017, the construction of the 20,000-square-meter integrated management center for research and production was completed. In 2019, in conjunction with Shandong Academy of Information and Communication Technology, the electronic communication laboratory that complies with CNAS standards was built up, laying a more solid foundation for product development and quality assurance.






Culture & Duty

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Fairness
  • Progress
  • Righteousness
  • People-oriented
  • Innovation

    Each revolution in the industry and the subsequent far-reaching impact both originate from outstanding innovations after fully studying into our users’ needs. We follow behind occasionally, but we will never miss any chance to lead the trend of the industry. We always have been so, and we always will be so in the future. We are keen on what we are doing.

  • Quality

    Being of quality is caring for patients’ safety, and making solemn and earnest promises to the medical staff and cooperative partners. Quality means attentive polishing of craftsmanship,  meticulous quality control, bright smiles from after-sales service staff, and it is the quintessence of professional experience and life value refined from all of Yarward people.

  • Fairness

    Each individual here is fully extensible and possible. Here, extension and possibility will not be restricted by invisible boundaries. Here, we have broken the boundaries with a fair and open path and a bold design of human resource system, ensuring and encouraging each of the staff to challenge and try more valuable work at the right time.

  • Progress

    Competition brings with it vitality, collision and inspiration; competition brings about self-examination, self-motivation and self-encouragement. Competition drives away the idleness when heading forward, awakens the sense of crisis that is occasionally vague, so that status of inaction could be avoided. Thanks to excellent competitors, we never forget to emulate the talents who are better than ourselves, and we are determined to move forward with firm steps.

  • Righteousness

    We are fellow travelers, partners, and family members. In each position, we exert different expertise and arouse different energies. But the same concept and identity are shared and intensified in one thing. That is righteousness. It is an upright moral virtue, selfless professionalism, earnest service and care, and a team spirit of integrity. It is the opposite of all negative ambiance, and also a portrayal of all Yarward employees.

  • People-oriented

    Complying with the public opinion is Yarward's managerial ethos . It wins Yarward all its achievements for today and for the future. We fully respect viewpoints from every employee, and in genuine recognition and understanding, we seek to reach a constant collective consensus so as to decide the future orientation. In Yarward, respect, understanding, communication, expression, consensus, and internalization are keywords that are naturally formed. They convince each of us: Yarward is me and I am Yarward.

Honors & Qualification

The company is a non-listed public company that is NEEQ-listed, operated complied with regulations and it is in grand potential of development. It has the certification of high- and new-tech enterprise and also Double Soft Certification. It forges ahead, relying on the power of science and technology. And it is recognized as a provincial software engineering technology center by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission. The company is authenticated with CMMI Level 3 certification and has the level-3 qualification for mechanical and electrical installation in the construction industry, providing users with a full range of service supports. The company focuses on comprehensive managerial standards, and has passed certifications of ISO9001 quality management system , ISO14001 environmental management system , ISO/IEC27001 information security management system, intellectual property management system, safety management, etc., so as to ensure continuous operating standardization, and to improve PDCA cycle. Our company is concerned about public praise and reputation, and has obtained the AAA certification of national-level credit system. The products are included in National Building Standard Design, Guide to the Implementation of Electrical Design Code for National Civil Building , Guide to the Chinese Hospital Construction and other reference books, and it enjoys durable preference by customers and users.

From 2013 to 2020, the company won the title of “Top Ten National Excellent Suppliers” for seven times; its industrial design of products won the Bronze and Silver Awards of Shandong Provincial Governor’s Cup. It also won other honors. In 2019, it was awarded the title of “Top Ten Excellent Construction Equipment Suppliers of The Seventh China Hospital Construction" and excellent industry solution provider of "Safe Construction", and it became one of the first corporate member units of the Medical Gas Equipment and Engineering Branch of China Association of Medical Equipment...

More qualifications need to be striven for, and more honors will be won in the future.

Brand & History

  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2005
  • 2010
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • ZIBO YAHUA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD is incorporated(1998)

    ZIBO YAHUA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD is incorporated.

    Independent land acquisition and construction of a new factory (2000)

    The company independently acquired land and built a new factory area at No. 8 Taimei Road in High-tech Zone, and ushered in the first capacity expansion, significantly improving the company's service and supply capabilities.

    The first corporate in the industry to acquire ISO9000 certification and high- and new-tech enterpri

    The first corporate in the industry to acquire ISO9000 certification and high and new-tech enterprise accreditation.

    Included in the compilation of National Building Standard Design and other reference books (2003)

    Products are included in the compilation of National Building Standard Design, Guide to the Implementation of Electrical Design Code for National Civil Building and other reference books, playing an positive part in lifting the industry standards.

    Pass the software enterprise certification (2005)

    The company acquired the software enterprise certification. The strategic transformation of the enterprise began. The company began to explore comprehensive solutions combining software and hardware.

    Informatized products were launched into the market (2010)

    Informatized products were launched into the market. The company re-examined the industry amidst competition and innovation, and continued to accumulate new service experience.

    Highlight of YH-997 Solution (2013)

    The self-developed information-based medical care management communication system (YH-997 series) Solution obtained the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements and was rated as internationally advanced-level. It has developed rapidly in the market and achieved good results.

    Enabling a young leadership team and launching the construction of a new complex of 20,000 square meters was launched

    The first generation of core of leadership started to enable the young leadership team , which improved its scientific management. In the same year, the construction of a new complex of 20,000 square meters was launched.

    The R&D center was set up in Shenzhen and NEEQ-listed process started (2015)

    A R&D center was established in Shenzhen; a trio-R&D-center structure was formed; in the same year, it was recognized as a provincial-level software engineering technology center by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, which injected into it new R&D driving force. In this year, the listing of NEEQ began, laying a solid step towards the capital market.

    Official listing of NEEQ (2016)

    The company completed the share reform, officially NEEQ-listed, and became an unlisted public enterprise(Strategically delisted in August 2020). In the same year, the construction of the new complex project was completed and capped. The company's sales ushered in another soar.

    Image-building and inner management upgrading (2017)

    The company set about to improve overall corporate brand image, and to upgrade management and refine itself. In the same year, in the national top ten supplier appraisal activity, it won its fourth "National Top Ten Excellent Suppliers" award within five years, proved to be the only enterprise in the national sub-industry to receive this honor.

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