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Solution to Health Care Communication System

Demand Analysis

The informationized health care management communication system to meet the needs of hospitals should have at least the following six characteristics:

  • Expert ward communication solutions

  • Variety of software functional solutions

  • Standardized platform architecture solutions

  • Open growth and expansion solutions

  • Reliable comprehensive guarantee solutions

  • Multi-layered risk avoidance solutions

Functional Positioning

YH-997 series Call and intercom function (1)Call and intercom: Patient call the nurse station through the bedside sub station or a call handset. (2)Code/staff assist:nurse operate bedside station, doorside station and medical staff mobile units to realize...

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System Networking

The basic architecture of the scheme includes information interaction host, IP network medical care host, bedside station, door-side terminal, bath station, corridor display , transfusion alarm, wireless transmitter host, medical mobile device, etc. The nurse workstation is equipped with one brand desktop computer (self-provided), one LCD TV (self-provided), machine room...

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