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Solution to Smart Outpatient Interactive System

Demand Analysis

The service interaction scenarios in the outpatient department are restricted by four elements. To make a plan that meets the needs of the hospital, it is necessary to conduct targeted analysis on these elements and to confirm the construction goal and direction:

  • Multi-space scenario adaptation

  • Multi-department process matching

  • Full-period experience optimization

  • All-round one-time diversion

  • Secure verification mechanism

  • High-time positioning navigation

Functional Positioning

1) The developing mode that combines B/S and C/S is adopted; the managing back-end is wholly BS-architecture, for which it is convenient to operate and manage the system at any place within the network; the application software adopts the nested architecture of C/S with B/S to ensure the real-time data and improve the convenience in operating...

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System Networking

The fundamental structuring of the solution consists of a clinic LCD all-in-one machine, a multi-functional card reader, a micro thermal printer, an external power supply, a multimedia power amplifier, a network multimedia controller, a self-service report all-in-one machine, a network LCD all-in-one machine, and a server (you can bring your own ), switch (you can bring your own), LCD TV (you can bring your own), ceiling speakers (you can bring your own), computer (you can bring your own)…

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